STRIPPED (Happy Endings #1) – August 28th, 2018

Skilled, sculpted, and sexy, the men of adult entertainment are the kind of guys a woman reserves for her fantasiesnot her reality. But is there more to these professional hotties than meets the eye? . . . 

The day Robyn Flores meets Zac Fallon is one of those days. You know, when you’re already late for work. Mostly because you haven’t really slept since your best friend abandoned you for her fiance and her exponentially better life. The kind of day you drag yourself to the cleaners to pick up your laundry, only to discover you’ve got the wrong bag–Star Spangled sequined thong, anyone? So Robyn is definitely not ready for the ridiculously gorgeous guy at her front door, except that they have each other’s clothes. But then, is any woman ever ready to meet the love of her life?

There’s just one problem: Zac Fallon is not the love of Robyn’s life. Zac knows, despite the all-too-intimate dinner they share, he doesn’t have a shot at her. Because the next time Zac sees Robyn, he’s front and center of the male revue headlining her best friend’s bachelorette party. So much for wooing the pretty schoolteacher, much less her impressing her old-fashioned family, with his upstanding lifestyle. Now he’s only got one way to win his dream girl. It’s gonna be the steamiest, most irresistible seduction she’s ever seen. And this time it will be no act . . .


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“Castile’s writing sparkles with wit. Readers will swoon for Robyn and Fallon’s love story—and their super sexy dance moves!” —Alexis Daria, author of Take The Lead
“In a perfect mix of sexy attraction that sizzles on the page and enchanting romance between characters you fall in love with, Castile’s novel hits all the right notes!”
—Priscilla Oliveras, author of Her Perfect Affair

“Zoey Castile is a fresh and fun new voice, and the characters in Stripped will capture your heart (and possibly your dollar bills).” —Alisha Rai, author of Hurts to Love You

Stripped by Zoey Castile is so delightful! Take one sexy stripper hero, and one wild, witty school teacher heroine and watch the fireworks. This book is my cherry pie!” New York Times bestselling author, Ann Aguirre 

“In this charming debut contemporary, first in the Happy Endings series, a laundry mix-up involving a ridiculously star-spangled sequined thong becomes the meet-cute for a male stripper and an elementary school teacher…with well-developed characters, a satisfying romance, and a lighthearted, fast-paced story, Castile’s debut is thoroughly entertaining.”   – Publishers Weekly

“There’s no other word to describe this book but delicious – it’s as sinful and pleasurable as a perfect piece of late summer pie.”—Entertainment Weekly

“Much like Magic Mike, its celluloid inspiration, Stripped is swoony, exciting and an all-around entertaining ride… With chemistry that’s steamy and a hero that’s dreamy, Stripped should be on everyone’s reading list this year.”—Booklist

“A sweet and sexy story that shows how life-changing — and gratifying — it can be to step outside of your comfort zone and question expectations.”—Shondaland

Stripped by Zoey Castile was one of my most anticipated romances this year and it really is a perfect read for fans of Magic Mike.”—Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

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HIRED (Happy Endings #2) – February 26th, 2019

For a man who makes his living pleasuring women, what happens when the only pay-out worth having is love? 

Faith Abigail Charles has always done the right thing. So when her mother runs for mayor of New Orleans, Faith puts her law career on hold to help her win. But when tensions run high, Faith trades one kind of heat for another–in the arms of a hard-bodied stranger. He’s everything a woman dreams of in a lover. So much so that her one-night stand turns into two, then three, then four . . .

For Aiden Rios, meeting smart, sexy Faith feels like fate. After being ditched by his client in the Big Easy, the high-paid male escort needs a little company himself. Aiden knows he’ll have to come clean about his line of work, and he plans to–right after another taste of Faith’s sweetness–and another and another. . . . Until a chance meeting with his client leaves Aiden exposed–and Faith shocked and hurt. Now the hired hottie must show Faith that the love they share is bigger than the scandal threatening to destroy them . . .


“Castile turns up the heat… Sizzling… The contrast between Aiden’s Colombian background and Faith’s African-American heritage plays well against the New Orleans locale which provides both atmosphere and sensuality.”
Publishers Weekly

“With a contemporary romance series that just keeps getting better, Castile is becoming a surefire bet for readers in search of adorable, emotionally fluent romances that will undoubtedly trigger a happy cry or two.”

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FLASHED (Happy Endings #3) – August 27th, 2019

When a man makes his living by his looks, he can forget that love—and lust—are more than skin deep. But the right woman can remind him …
A former soccer player, stripper, and model, legendary party boy Patrick Halloran finally gets his big break starring in the summer blockbuster. But when an accident leaves him changed forever, he hides away in his secluded Montana ranch. Only his new housekeeper is allowed inside—with one rule: she’s not allowed to see him. But Pat sees her, and she’s the most stunning woman he’s ever laid eyes on. Even her voice is beautiful. Still, Pat can’t allow himself to get close to anyone. Not without a fight at least …

Magdalena “Lena” Martel is a long way from Queens, New York. After a rough patch, the aspiring artist is working her way through college—even if it means keeping house for a man whose gruff voice she can only hear through a closed door. Still, Lena senses Pat’s got a good heart, maybe even a lovable one. She’s intrigued—until his anger sends her running into the freezing woods. Now Pat will have to find her—and when he does he may have found the one woman who can thaw his heart—not to mention the rest of him. But can their new bond survive the paparazzi—and their personal demons?

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